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In this randomized, double-blind trial, the researchers compared 4 years of therapy with either tiotropium or placebo in patients with COPD who were permitted to use all respiratory medications except inhaled anticholinergic drugs. Of a total of 5993 patients (mean age, 65+/-8 years) with a mean FEV(1) of 1.32+/-0.44 liters after bronchodilation (48% of predicted value), the researchers randomly assigned 2987 to the tiotropium group and 3006 to the placebo group. The researchers conclusion of the study showed that in patients with COPD, therapy with tiotropium was associated with improvements in lung function, quality of life, and exacerbations during a 4-year period but did not significantly reduce the rate of decline in FEV(1). To view a slide set with more details on this study, please click here.
Urban Air Pollution and Exacerbations of COPD Study
This study examined visits to the Emergency Respiratory Department as a direct result of short-term exposure to air pollution and investigated the relationship between the daily number of COPD emergency room visits and the daily environmental air concentrations of atmospheric pollutants. To view more details on this study, please click here.
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